GVMA Foundation

Service Animal

Assistance Program

The GVMA Foundation has a program to financially assist Georgia residents with disabilities and service animals. We hope to make veterinary health care for their companions more financially available for those individuals with financial limitations. The GVMA Foundation is the heart and the service arm of Georgia veterinarians.

A GVMA member must recommend the client annually for eligibility into the program. If accepted into the program, the client can submit up to $350 one time per year in veterinary bills for professional veterinary services. There is no limit on the number of veterinary visits or services to accumulate the $350 but the GVMA Foundation will make only one reimbursement check per year per client. The one time per year reimbursement is necessary to minimize the administrative burden on the foundation. The Foundation will accept nominations and approve them as long as funds are available. Clients will be notified if they are accepted into the program within 60 days of our receiving the application from their veterinarian.

Applications must be received in the GVMA office by December 1 of each year in order to qualify for assistance in that year. The program will run from January 1 to December 31 of each year.  Reimbursements will be made within 60 days of receiving receipts for any professional veterinary services. Again, only one reimbursement per year is allowed so recipients need to hold the receipts until they total $350 for the year to maximize their benefits for this program.

We are trying to identify as many candidates as possible. We are requesting that clients with financial need ask their veterinarian to nominate them to be included in the program for 2012 by submitting the included application to the Foundation office. Additionally, if you are aware of any person with vision, hearing, physical or mental impairments who may have financial limitations, please ask them to contact their veterinarian and request that they nominate these individuals for the Service Animal Assistance Program (SAAP) from the GVMA Foundation.

The GVMA Foundation asks that each beneficiary of the Service Animal Assistance Program awards supply a high quality picture of their pet and themselves.  We also ask that the award recipient write a brief statement, describing what receipt of the award means to them.

The GVMA Foundation is funded by donations from Georgia veterinarians and GVMA affiliated animal health care and associated companies.

Download an enrollment form here.

Please call the GVMA office at 678 309-9800 if you have any questions.