GVMA Foundation

About the GVMA Foundation

In 1992 the GVMA Foundation was chartered by the GVMA Board of Directors to serve as a support arm of the GVMA. During the past decade, the foundation has developed animal welfare programs, supported various other existing programs that contribute to the well-being of animals and enhance the human-animal bond, and helped to provide scholarships and awards to Georgia’s students.

In 2013 the GVMA Foundation is the charitable arm of the GVMA, showcasing the veterinarian’s unique role in supporting the health and well-being of animals in Georgia and beyond.  The Foundation evolved as a result of hard work by a diverse new board of directors whose interests range from general and specialized small animal and food animal medicine to veterinary industry, public health, and wildlife conservation.  This means that the GVMA Foundation represents the work done by ALL veterinarians in Georgia.

GVMA Foundation's mission is to promote the stewardship of animals and their environments, to support public education and awareness of veterinary care, and to provide assistance programs for underserved animals.   To that end, our programs will range from the global - emergency preparedness, disaster  relief, and public education about what veterinarians do for animals (also known as One Health) - to the individual – medical care for abandoned animals, those owned by the elderly, and animals who serve the public health.
Some of our most active projects include:

  • The Foundation Fund for Companion Animals

This Program has been created to enable GVMA veterinarians to apply for funding to support cases that meet specific client, patient and treatment criteria for financial hardship and non-routine care.  This Fund is an active way for members to see their Foundation contributions working in a very compassionate manner at the local level. Download an application.

  • The Canine Service Animal Assistance Program (CSAAP)

The CSAAP has been expanded to now serve people with a variety of disabilities recognizing that animals have been trained to assist people in gaining independence in spite of disabilities.  The CSAAP provides up to $350 per year in reimbursed veterinary services fees for the service animal, be that a guide dog, hearing dog, seizure detecting animal, etc.  If you know of someone who utilizes a service animal to gain independence, please download the form for them and take it to their veterinarian. GVMA Member veterinarians must recommend the individuals for these grants. Download an application.

  • Disaster Relief Efforts

The GVMA Foundation was the largest contributor to hurricane disaster relief in Florida in 2004 for veterinary and animal related assistance.  Because of Foundation Day donations, we were able to respond immediately when Hurricane Katrina hit Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas. Money and medical supplies were sent for aid in treating and caring for displaced animals from affected areas. The GVMA Foundation is the administrator for the Georgia Veterinary Medical Reserve Corps, formed to assist in animal disasters in Georgia. We are currently taking donations to support the Texas VMA Foundation in their attempts to assist injured and displaced animals due to Hurricane Harvey. Please find out how you can assist here!

Donating to the GVMA Foundation is a win/win situation.  You can make a difference in the lives of the people we serve and through your giving others will benefit.