GVMA Foundation

Spay/Neuter Grant Funds Available to GVMA


The GVMA would like to thank the Georgia Department of Agriculture for working with us to again allow veterinarians to utilize funds from the grant program funded by the sale of spay/neuter license plates. Through the GVMA Foundation (only non-profits may apply to GDA – veterinarians cannot apply individually) we will apply for a large grant and will evenly distribute those funds to all participating members. As in the past, GVMA members may apply for those funds to pay for or subsidize sterilization procedures. It is the intent of the program that these grants are used for those that need financial assistance.

In order for the application to be considered certain parameters are required and must be documented in a letter on your hospital’s letterhead.

They are as follows:

  • Your willingness to participate in the program
  • The fee range for services
  • State license #
  • USDA accreditation #

According to the Georgia Department of Agriculture Regulations, “grant funds shall be used for sterilization surgeries only and shall not be used for capita or administrative expenses or for procedures not directly related to sterilization surgery, such as promotions, vaccinations, testing, licensing, food, medicine, and/or other medical procedures.”

For ease and efficiency, please use the template below to generate your letter. The deadline for fax or email submission to the GVMA is October 10, 2016. Mail must be postmarked by October 5.

I, Dr. xxxxxx, am willing and able to participate in the Georgia Department of Agriculture Spay/Neuter program through the GVMA. My state license # is_____________ and my USDA Accreditation # is as follows _____________.

The fee range for spay and neuter services are as follows:
Cat neuter - ___ procedures at $_____ cost per procedure
Cat spay - ___ procedures at $_____ cost per procedure
Dog neuter - ___ procedures at $_____ cost per procedure
Dog spay - ___ procedures at $_____ cost per procedure
Total Number of Procedures ________ Total Cost $________

Dr. __________
Clinic Name

Documents must be signed by the veterinarian who will administer the procedures. Email wendy@gvma.net, fax to 678-309-3361, or mail letters to the attention of Dr. Wendy Cuevas, GVMA Foundation, 2200 Century Parkway, Suite 725, Atlanta, GA 30345.

In order to receive funds from the GVMA Foundation, you will be required to submit a spreadsheet with the client’s name and date of the procedure after you have completed the procedures that you applied for. A template will be sent to you once you are accepted into our program.

If you have already been accepted for the 2017 year, you may submit your procedures through our online form, HERE. You may also download the form HERE if fax or mail is prefered.

Questions? Check out the FAQ page.