Spay/Neuter Grant Funds FAQ

  • What is the GVMA Foundation Spay/Neuter Grant Program? 
    As many of you recall, the Georgia Department of Agriculture (GDA) changed the rule regarding availability of funds from the spay/neuter license plate program several years ago. At that time, grants were limited to only “licensed municipal animal shelters located in Georgia and licensed nonprofit animal rescue organizations with 501(c)(3) status located in Georgia.” The GVMA Foundation worked with the GDA and recently got approved, to add “and veterinary medical foundations with 501(c)(3) status located in Georgia” so the GVMA Foundation could apply for a grant on behalf of the veterinarians of the state of Georgia.
  • Can I apply for direct payments through the Georgia Department of Agriculture like before?
    No—only those with 501(c) 3 status are eligible to apply.
  • Why do I have to put a set amount of procedures? 
    In the GVMA Foundation grant application, the GDA requires applicants to list a set amount of procedures and will award a finite amount based on the number of procedures requested.
  • I don’t understand what the fee range is? 
    The cost of any procedure is based on variables such as overhead, staff expertise, growth strategy, and many more. Because a spay will cost more in the Buckhead area of Atlanta than in rural South Georgia, we are asking for applicants to determine what their costs are and to ask for a price that is acceptable to them.
  • Do we charge humane society prices? 
    The intent of the spay/neuter tag program is to cut down on the unnecessary euthanasia of pets by providing these procedures to those that can’t afford them. To make the greatest impact and maximize the number of sterilizations, the Georgia Department of Agriculture will award grants to those applicants that can provide the greatest number of procedures at the lowest cost. By keeping your prices as low as possible, the GVMA Foundation can make the best use of the grant program and make the biggest impact on pet overpopulation in Georgia.
  • How do we get reimbursed? 
    You must notify the GVMA of completed procedures either through completion of the online form HERE or by faxing or mailing the form (HERE) to our office. You will receive your check upon receipt of completed procedures and may take 5-10 days for processing and mailing.
  • Why can’t I get paid on a monthly basis like we used to? 
    The Georgia Department of Agriculture used to have a full-time staff member that processed individual applications and awards and the manpower required to run the program contributed to the changing of the rule to limit it to 501 (c) 3 organizations. At this time and not knowing how much funding we will receive from the program, the GVMA Foundation cannot commit the manpower necessary to issue checks monthly.
  • What if I do more procedures than I claimed? 
    The GVMA Foundation is applying on behalf of GVMA members for these grant funds and we can only apply for a set amount, which means that we can only distribute funds for the procedures that were applied for.
  • What time period does the estimate of procedures cover? 
    The Georgia Department of Agriculture only plans to award grants once per calendar year. So those grant funds will pay for procedures until the next application and grant awards period next year.

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