GVMA Foundation


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The Lives We Impact

We focus on providing positive outcomes for animals by utilizing the expertise of the veterinary profession for animals and their owners in need. Primarily, our efforts are concentrated in the following areas:

• Care of pets owned by the indigent or elderly
• Care of homeless and abandoned animals
• Disaster and emergency preparedness support 

“Our veterinarian of 17 years recently made a donation to VetHeart in memory of our beloved dog who died of cancer. I know we wouldn't have had our precious pet as long as we did without the wonderful research and assistance of VetHeart and our caring vet. Thank you so much for all you do!"


A grateful beneficiary of VetHeart's work


To promote the stewardship of animals and their environments, to support public education and awareness of veterinary care, and to provide assistance programs for underserved animals.


Through the GVMA Foundation grants may again be available for GVMA member veterinarians for spay and neuter procedures for clients that can't afford these procedures.

Grants for vets